Criminal defense spotlight: what an experienced lawyer can do

We might reasonably note at the outset of this blog post that, in response to the above-posed headline, it merits noting what experienced criminal defense counsel will not do when called upon to advocate diligently on behalf of an individual accused of committing an illegal act.

And that is this: be predisposed toward any defense strategy.

Indeed, it might ultimately be deemed to be in the best interests of a criminal suspect for his or her attorney to plea bargain a charge down or, conversely, aggressively defend a criminal client in the courts.

That, though, is a decision only to be made through careful consultation with the client and following an exacting investigation of the charges and the prosecution's case.

A proven criminal defense attorney is flexible, open-minded, broadly trained, and equally experienced in both prosecutorial negotiations and taking a matter to trial when necessary.

The lawyers at the well-established Worcester law firm of Aitken, Chacharone & Power, P.C., provide knowledgeable, tailored and empathetic legal representation to clients from central Massachusetts and all across the state who need our help.

Given the encompassing realm of criminal law, that assistance can be truly wide-ranging. Some clients are in dire and immediate help of strong defense counsel to respond to pending criminal charges, of course. Others, though, often enlist our help on matters ranging from probation violations, post-conviction relief, expungements and additional concerns.

We take due pride in the role we play in the criminal justice system, helping to ensure a fundamentally fair playing field and diligently upholding the bedrock principle surrounding the presumption of innocence until proven guilty in any criminal matter.

As we note on the firm's website, Aitken attorneys advocate zealously on behalf of individuals "accused of the full range of felonies and misdemeanors."

We appreciate blog visitors, as well as the opportunity to respond to those who solicit our professional help. We hope you find our upcoming posts educational and timely.

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