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Breath test results spanning two years may be thrown out of court

Breath test devices are often used by Massachusetts police officers to determine if a person is driving under the influence of alcohol. However, it is important that such devices are properly calibrated. As one recent case ruled, if such devices are not properly handled it could lead to faulty readings that may not admissible against the accused.

What are the penalties for assault or battery in Massachusetts?

Disagreements often arise between people in Massachusetts. Accusations of wrongdoing or insults may be hurled between one party and the other. Sometimes a heated argument can result in a physical altercation. When this happens, a person might end up facing assault charges or battery charges. This is a serious situation that could result in unwanted penalties.

Foreclosures in Worcester County on the decline

Real estate transactions involving properties facing foreclosure can spell bad news for the owners of these properties, who may need to rely on a short sale or other real estate transaction to try to avoid foreclosure. However, in some good news for Worcester homeowners, the number of new filings for foreclosures in December of 2016 in Worcester County went down by almost 28 percent when compared to December of 2015. Moreover, during that same timespan in Worcester County the amount of completed foreclosures went down approximately 10 percent.

A BAC reading of .08 does not seal your fate

Deciding whether to submit to a blood alcohol test may be a difficult choice that you have to make at a moment's notice. Police have pulled you over, walked you through the routine field sobriety tests and concluded that you are probably under the influence of alcohol. To determine how much alcohol is in your system, they ask you to take a breath test. With no one to give you legal counsel, you have two choices: submit or refuse.

Protecting your future against DUI charges

Most people in Worcester can agree that drunk driving should be avoided at all costs. However, is it really fair to arrest a person who simply had a drink or two, is not intoxicated and hasn't caused any injuries to anyone? Many people would agree that that would not be fair, but it is the reality under our current system. People can be arrested for drunk driving, and once charged could suffer damage to their reputation, lose their driver's license and be ordered to pay thousands of dollars in fines.

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