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When someone is facing criminal charges, they may think that the best way to get through this difficult time is to reach a settlement with the prosecution-agree to plead guilty to a lesser charge in exchange for a lesser sentence. Not only is the outcome guaranteed, the charged individual does not have to go through the public spectacle that a trial can become and they can carry on with their life. But can one really carry on with their life as if nothing has happened when they have pled guilty to criminal charges, such as driving under the influence? Especially if the person accused is a minor, with their whole life ahead of them.

The penalties for underage driving were mentioned in last week's post, including imprisonment, fines and license suspension. With college applications underway, the last thing one wants to cop to is a criminal conviction, and that is one they would have to do if they have pled guilty. Many do not understand the long-term consequences of the actions taken in haste and this is why having an experienced attorney by one's side can be beneficial.

Lawyers at our firm understand the importance of DUI charges and the significance of a guilty verdict or plea. We also know that not everyone wants to go through a criminal trial but not everyone wants a plea deal either. We go through our client's case, understand their history and what their expectations are for their future and provide realistic expectations about their case. We also work dedicatedly to ensure we protect our client's interests in whatever way possible.

The prosecution's case to prove a DUI must be foolproof, constitutional rights must be honored and the tests administered must be error free. This does not always happen, and lawyers at our firm break down the case to identify weaknesses. For more on DUIs, visit our page.

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