How can you avoid problems as a landlord?

As a Massachusetts landlord, you know there are a myriad of challenges that you may face. Owning rental property is often a lucrative endeavor, but when problems arise, it can be quite costly. In order to protect your financial and legal interests, you would be wise to intentionally work toward avoiding certain problems.

One of the most beneficial ways that landlords can avoid issues is to be cognizant of their obligations to their renters. Additionally, it is wise to know about renters' rights and to understand how to effectively deal with disputes when they arise. As a landlord, you may find it useful to seek appropriate legal guidance to both deal with ongoing issues and avoid future problems.

Avoiding problems as a landlord

Landlords can face a host of challenges and complications. However, you would be prudent to work to avoid the following common legal missteps committed by landlords:

  • Including illegal provisions and wording in your rental agreements
  • Asking discriminatory questions to your prospective renters
  • Refusing to make repairs to rental properties
  • Failing to make necessary disclosures to prospective renters
  • Ignoring eviction laws
  • Violating a tenant's right to privacy
  • Not carrying appropriate insurance on rental properties
  • Inappropriately getting rid of abandoned property
  • Keeping security deposits owed back to renters

These are just some of the most common mistakes that landlords sometimes make. Whether intentional or inadvertent, it is prudent to deal with issues as effectively and efficiently as possible. When there are disputes with your renters and you are facing legal complications as a result, your income is on the line.

There are certain laws protecting both renters and landlords. When there is a problem or you want to avoid future complications, you may find it useful to have the guidance of a legal professional who is knowledgeable and experienced in this specific area of real estate law.

How can you protect your rights?

There is much more to being a successful landlord than simply buying rental property and finding people to live there. From the rental contracts to dealing with problems with the tenants, there could be much on the line.

It is prudent not to overlook issues or move forward unaware of both your rights and obligations. Whether you are already dealing with a dispute, want to make sure you meet your legal obligations or want to shield yourself against other problems, you may find it useful to seek a complete evaluation of your individual situation.

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