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Woman accused of injuring and fleeing the scene of DUI accident

Sometimes, people follow one bad decision with another, not realizing that their actions have consequences that could follow them for the rest of their life. When this happens, it is important to remember that someone suspected of committing a crime has the right to legal counsel who could help him or her get his or her version of the events out in the public.

What is involuntary manslaughter?

Many Massachusetts' residents can probably rattle off names of people they know who have gotten behind the wheel intoxicated and gotten home without any incident or interaction with law enforcement agencies. Unfortunately, not many realize that it takes one second for everything to go wrong. One incoherent moment and an accident with someone else ups the charges from a DUI to involuntary manslaughter charges.

What exactly is a field sobriety test?

It is well known that excessive consumption of alcohol leads to serious side effects that can affect the way a person drives a car. The United States government is well aware of this, and has strict driving while under the influence laws, or DUI, in place to dissuade people from drinking and driving and to punish those who are caught behind the wheel after having had too much to drink.

We help those accused of DUI or OUI battle the prosecution

Most of us know the law. As law-abiding citizens, we know it isn't legal to get behind the wheel when one is intoxicated. However, accidents can happen as can extenuating circumstances. If you or a loved one has been charged with DUI or OUI, you may be wondering what the options are. DUI convictions have come with more serious consequences in recent years; however, if a person isn't guilty of this crime, they shouldn't face the consequences.

Can I get a plea bargain to reduce DUI charges?

Though it is commonly known that a blood alcohol content level of 0.08 percent can result in a DUI/OUI conviction in Massachusetts, what is perhaps not known is that the BAC for commercial drivers is only 0.04 percent. If a driver has gotten behind the wheel under the influence of alcohol, they face the possibility that severe penalties can be levied against them, depending on whether they have faced drunk driving charges before.

Experienced counsel can help fight DUI charges

As mentioned previously, our vehicles have become necessary for our day-to-day functioning. Without it, simple tasks of picking up children from school or getting to work or buying milk on the way home become much more complicated. Not only do they become more time-consuming, they also become more money-consuming. Add to this the mandatory classes that need to be taken after a DUI conviction, and convicted drunk drivers may find themselves short on time and money.

What are the penalties for a first time OUI conviction?

Driving under the influence, or operating under the influence, as it is known in Massachusetts, is the crime a driver is charged with if their blood alcohol content level is 0.08 percent or higher. This can trigger severe penalties-even if the maximum penalty is not levied against a drunk driver, even the minimum penalty can have serious consequences.

Man arrested for OUI offense after crashing into officer

Operating under the influence is an offense that is treated very seriously in Massachusetts. The penalties that accompany a conviction on an OUI offense can be significant. This is particularly true when there is an accident with the driver alleged to have been under the influence. With that in mind, those who have been placed under arrest with allegations of DUI, OUI or any other similar charge must make certain that they lodge a strong defense from the start.

A look at DUI defenses

Facing a DUI charge is a situation most Massachusetts residents would likely wish to avoid. However, many find themselves having to fight such charges -- guilty or not. And for these people, ensuring a successful outcome can be of the utmost importance. The alternative, in many cases, can involve serious penalties. These penalties range in severity -- from serious penalties, such as prison time and high fines, to more minor consequences.

Breath test results spanning two years may be thrown out of court

Breath test devices are often used by Massachusetts police officers to determine if a person is driving under the influence of alcohol. However, it is important that such devices are properly calibrated. As one recent case ruled, if such devices are not properly handled it could lead to faulty readings that may not admissible against the accused.

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