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Helping tenants take control in real estate matters

As mentioned on last week's post, property managers are often engaged to handle investment estate and one of their tasks including the relationship between landlord and tenant. But not everyone has the luxury of engaging a property manager and those who do not, often end up having to deal with a landlord or tenant on their own.

The rights and obligations of property managers

Setting Massachusetts rents and collecting rent with respect to a real estate investment sounds simple enough. But, in reality, it is a time-consuming, detail oriented job that many cannot do as a part-time project. This is why people with investments in real estate consider hiring a property manager.

What should I expect to happen on closing day?

Buying a new piece of property is an exciting time in a Massachusetts resident's life-it takes a lot of time and effort to find the right place that fulfills what one expects in their house and when the day comes to make it one's own, future owners are understandably thrilled. But it is important to go through all the legalities on closing day to make sure nothing is left out and there is no complication in the title transfer.

Our firm offers support for real estate transactions

Buying a home or securing a space for a new Worcester business can be both exciting and nerve-wracking. Whether the real estate transaction in question is for a commercial or residential tract, a rental property or a purchase, there are many issues that must be addressed before the completion of the deal. And because there are so many steps that must be undertaken in order for the process to be completed, there are numerous opportunities for problems to introduce themselves into the transaction.

Buying a home is easier when you understand easements

When purchasing a home or property in Massachusetts, people often move forward with their purchases without a full understanding of important issues, such as boundary lines and easements. It is great to be excited about a real estate purchase, but buyers will find it beneficial to ask the right questions to avoid future complications.

Know what you are getting before making a real estate purchase

Whenever you make a purchase, it would seem obvious that you would want to know exactly what you are getting. You aren't going to buy a car without knowing the engine has seized, or a computer without knowing that the motherboard is damaged. The same is true with real estate. Whether you are purchasing property or a home in or near Worchester, Massachusetts, or anywhere throughout the United States, it is crucial that you know what you are getting before you sign on the dotted lines.

What are the benefits of franchising?

Owning a business and operating it on one's own sounds very attractive to the younger generation, but given today's tough economic times, it is not possible for everyone to manage. It might even be intimidating to buy someone else's business and manage it without any expertise in the field. Then, how does one get the experience they need with a brand people trust? Through franchising.

How do I know what zone my real estate is in?

With the advent of online advertising and business opportunities through social media websites, many people may believe starting a business is relatively easy. And for some, it may truly be so, if it is confined to virtual reality. But if a Worcester resident wants to move that business from virtual reality into physical reality, it may require knowledge of specific areas and relevant laws known as zoning laws.

Do I really need a lawyer to buy a house?

There are many benefits to having an attorney by your side throughout the process of purchasing a home. While in most states it is perfectly legal to purchase a home without the assistance of a lawyer -- and some people would rather save the money -- those who have an attorney to guide them through the homebuying process are often grateful for the professional assistance, especially if the transaction becomes more complicated than they expected.

Drafting a purchase agreement when buying a house

There are many important decisions that Massachusetts residents will have to face during their lifetimes. One of these decisions is whether or not to buy a house. Buying a house, for many, is the most significant purchase of their life. Not only do people have to consider pricing and location, there are also legal issues that can come into play.

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