Significant Past Cases

Assault & Battery Dangerous Weapon

by Steven Power on September 12, 2014 in Worcester District Court

Client, a Worcester woman, had previously hired Attorney Power to represent her relating to an Assault and Battery Dangerous Weapon case. After Attorney Power was able to get the case dismissed, she again hired him to seal this entry on her record to prevent difficulty with employment. Attorney Power petitioned the Court and argued in front of the Judge and, as a result the entry on the client's record was SEALED.

OUI - Dismissed and License Reinstated

by Seth Aitken on September 30, 2014 in Westboro District Court

Client, a Shrewsbury man, was stopped by a police officer from the Town of Shrewsbury and subsequently arrested for Operating Under the Influence. Attorney Power filed a motion in Westboro District Court to suppress the stop of the client's motor vehicle arguing that the stop violated his client's rights. After a hearing where Attorney Power cross examined the officer rigorously, the Judge allowed the motion suppressing all evidence in the case. As a result the case was DISMISSED. Attorney Power then filed another motion to get the client's license reinstated. This motion was also allowed and the court ordered that the client's license be reinstated approximately three months earlier than he otherwise would have been eligible to get it back.