Peace of Mind Through Thoughtful Estate Planning

There is no more personal aspect of the law than estate planning. It is about your life's assets, what you have done, who you love and how you want to be remembered. If you plan wisely, you take a major burden off family members, so they can focus on grieving when you are gone — and not on the untended details of your estate.

At Aitken, Chacharone & Power, we assist clients with the basic elements of planning. These include:

You can download a will template from the Internet and achieve some basic objectives — but you will not be able to address the unique features of your estate, or the unique considerations of your beneficiaries. Estate planning works best when you work with a professional who knows what mistakes to avoid, and who understands your wishes.

'A trust that lets me keep the house and not lose it to the government? Why would I NOT do this?' — Client hearing about our long-term care planning services

Talk to the estate planning attorneys at Aitken, Chacharone & Power. We will talk about your family's needs, and any fears you may have about what goes where. We will use all our skills to prepare for the future you envision in your heart.

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