Meticulous Probate Administration and Assertive Probate Litigation

The probate process is one set of problems after another. Assets need to be inventoried and protected. Any debts, including taxes, left behind by the deceased must be paid off. Only then may remaining assets be distributed to heirs. Some of these details take months or even years to put in place. None of these tasks is simple even with an estate plan, and each must be accomplished fairly and with care.

Probate administration tasks may extend to:

  • Estate administration — completing notifications, paying bills, resolving estate disputes, filing estate taxes, distributing assets, then closing the estate
  • Will contests — pursuing and defending against claims of improper behavior: undue influence, revoked wills and other disputes
  • Probate litigation — analyzing creditor claims and challenging lawsuits filed against the estate
  • Spousal share/child's share — representing the interests of family members who have been disinherited

Why It Is Wise to Seek Experienced Counsel

Probate administration need not be conducted by a lawyer. With basic estates, a family member or friend can do the work. But when assets are complex, when there are numerous creditors, or when a dispute may arise within the family about who gets what, it is wise to have an experienced professional in control.

This is especially true when disputes arise — disputes between the estate and creditors, disputes over the will, and questions about the probate process itself, and how it was conducted.

For sound and reliable probate representation, look to our professional attorneys. Our practice begins and ends with meeting the needs of clients. We maintain a laser focus on your rights and objectives.

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