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Zero-tolerance laws in Massachusetts have stiff penalties

Drunk driving laws in Massachusetts and across the nation are different for those who are under the age of 21, the legal drinking age. When people under 21-years-old are pulled over on suspicion of drunk driving with alcohol in their systems, those individuals could be charged with DUI even if their blood alcohol content level is under 0.08 percent. These laws are known as "zero tolerance" laws.

What are zoning laws?

Zoning laws are used to guide the growth and development of communities for the well being of residents and others. While zoning laws are common, you may wonder what exactly they are and what they do. In general, zoning laws control the use of property. Zoning laws can regulate the use of a property, as well as the features of the property and buildings on the property.

Convict captured after prison escape

Following five days on the lam, a recently escaped convict was finally captured near a bank in Medford, Massachusetts. The man had attempted to rob two banks that day, but was noticed by a state trooper following a failed second attempt. The man then scaled a fence and attempted to hide near a resident's porch. He then tried to scale a second fence where he was apprehended. Earlier that day, authorities were put on high alert following the convict's first robbery attempt of a bank in Cambridge earlier that day.

What happens during the real estate closing process?

Potential homebuyers in Worcester may have spent a lot of time looking for the perfect house. Between attending open houses, inspections and negotiating a price, they may have discovered the place they want to call their home. However, before they can be handed the keys to the home there is one last step: closing.

In what court might a criminal case be heard in Massachusetts?

When criminal charges are brought against an individual in Massachusetts, the individual's case will either be held in district court or superior court. This may seem confusing, particularly if one is unfamiliar with Massachusett's court system. Therefore, let's explore the differences between criminal cases in each of these types of courts.

Man accused of drunk driving, wrong-way driving pleads not guilty

Most people in Massachusetts who drink alcohol do so responsibly. It is entirely possible for some people to have a drink or two without becoming intoxicated. Unfortunately, officers in the state will jump at the chance to apprehend someone they believe is driving while intoxicated.

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