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A look at DUI defenses

Facing a DUI charge is a situation most Massachusetts residents would likely wish to avoid. However, many find themselves having to fight such charges -- guilty or not. And for these people, ensuring a successful outcome can be of the utmost importance. The alternative, in many cases, can involve serious penalties. These penalties range in severity -- from serious penalties, such as prison time and high fines, to more minor consequences.

What are the elements of an assault charge?

Allegations of assault are very serious and Massachusetts residents who are facing criminal charges based on assault can benefit from understanding the elements that make up the charge. Though this post will offer readers a general overview of the main components of an assault charge, it should not be relied on as legal advice. Rather, readers who have specific questions about their assault cases are encouraged to speak with criminal defense attorneys about their situations.

Should I consider a plea deal?

The court system in the United States is severely backed up, and trials can often be both lengthy and expenses. With this in mind, if you are facing criminal charges, the court's prosecutor may be willing to offer you a plea bargain in an effort to avoid such trials. Unfortunately, out of necessity or pressure, it is not uncommon for those who stand accused to accept a plea deal regardless of their actual guilt or innocence. It is important to understand what goes into a plea deal to help decide whether it could be right for you.

Man crashes car, fires gun in fit of road rage

Things took a quick turn for the worse on Interstate Rt. 495 in Littleton, Massachusetts last week when a man in a 1998 red Honda was observed weaving in and out of traffic. In a fit of road rage, he allegedly fired a gun at one vehicle and crashed into another as he attempted to exit the highway.

The scary truth about selling a home

Whether you flip properties for a living, inherited your parents' home, or have decided to sell and build the home of your dreams, putting your house on the market can be a daunting task. Even if you are in a seller's market, chances are your potential buyers will arrive with a list of must-haves and maybe even must-not-haves.

Franchising is an important part of real estate in Worcester

People in Massachusetts see franchises everywhere: whether they are fast-food restaurants or popular chain stores, franchises are an important part of the state's real estate market. These iconic establishments can be a boon not just to the franchisees, but to the state's economy as a whole. Therefore, residents of Massachusetts may be interested in learning more about franchising.

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