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Differences between assault and battery

Sometimes, a Massachusetts resident may find themselves charged with a crime that they do not even understand. This can be a scary and lonely experience, one that can weigh heavy on the minds of the accused. Before moving forward, it can first be helpful to understand what exactly a person is being charged with, and what this charge entails. Criminal defense attorneys can help an accused person understand their options and help them mount an effective defense.

Do I really need a lawyer to buy a house?

There are many benefits to having an attorney by your side throughout the process of purchasing a home. While in most states it is perfectly legal to purchase a home without the assistance of a lawyer -- and some people would rather save the money -- those who have an attorney to guide them through the homebuying process are often grateful for the professional assistance, especially if the transaction becomes more complicated than they expected.

Defenses to drug possession

A drug charge can come suddenly and unexpectedly. For many Massachusetts residents, they may be the most serious charges they will ever face. Drug charges carry with them the potential for serious penalties, such as hefty fines and, in the worst-case scenarios, lengthy prison terms. Not only that, but a person's reputation can be irreparably damaged, straining family relationships and making it difficult to secure future employment. Because of this, many desire to do everything in their power to fight such charges in order to avoid these penalties.

Criminal defense: drug possession differs from distribution

A Massachusetts resident who is suddenly facing a drug charge likely has a lot of questions. Drug charges can suddenly change a person's life -- often for the worse. While a person may have at one time been enjoying a normal, stable life, all of this may be suddenly threatened when they are charged with a drug crime. Drug charges can not only result in high fines and potential jail or prison time, they can also damage a person's reputation.

Drafting a purchase agreement when buying a house

There are many important decisions that Massachusetts residents will have to face during their lifetimes. One of these decisions is whether or not to buy a house. Buying a house, for many, is the most significant purchase of their life. Not only do people have to consider pricing and location, there are also legal issues that can come into play.

Is a home inspection necessary?

If you have found the perfect home, you may be reluctant to learn about its defects. However, you certainly don't want to purchase a home and find out the hard way that something is seriously wrong. While many skip the inspection to save time and money, in some cases, those homebuyers regret their decisions when major problems require expensive repairs.

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