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Real estate closings: Your choice of lawyer matters

Purchasing or selling a home is a particularly complex legal transaction, one that involves much more than just negotiating and agreeing to a sale price. In addition to the multiple legal and financial challenges that can arise throughout the sales process, Massachusetts property buyers must also be careful to avoid problems with the final step, the closing.

What are the penalties for a first time OUI conviction?

Driving under the influence, or operating under the influence, as it is known in Massachusetts, is the crime a driver is charged with if their blood alcohol content level is 0.08 percent or higher. This can trigger severe penalties-even if the maximum penalty is not levied against a drunk driver, even the minimum penalty can have serious consequences.

Does the penalty for misdemeanor differ from that of a felony?

The criminal justice system can be overwhelming for most people who find themselves facing criminal charges for the first time-in fact, with so many classifications and degrees of crimes, even someone familiar with one aspect of the law can be daunted by the criminal legal system. Understanding some basic legal jargon can go a long help Massachusetts' residents figure out what legal options they want to avail.

How do I know what zone my real estate is in?

With the advent of online advertising and business opportunities through social media websites, many people may believe starting a business is relatively easy. And for some, it may truly be so, if it is confined to virtual reality. But if a Worcester resident wants to move that business from virtual reality into physical reality, it may require knowledge of specific areas and relevant laws known as zoning laws.

Man arrested for OUI offense after crashing into officer

Operating under the influence is an offense that is treated very seriously in Massachusetts. The penalties that accompany a conviction on an OUI offense can be significant. This is particularly true when there is an accident with the driver alleged to have been under the influence. With that in mind, those who have been placed under arrest with allegations of DUI, OUI or any other similar charge must make certain that they lodge a strong defense from the start.

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