How do I know what zone my real estate is in?

With the advent of online advertising and business opportunities through social media websites, many people may believe starting a business is relatively easy. And for some, it may truly be so, if it is confined to virtual reality. But if a Worcester resident wants to move that business from virtual reality into physical reality, it may require knowledge of specific areas and relevant laws known as zoning laws.

Zoning laws, as the name suggests, refer to restrictions placed on land depending on various factors, including location. The reason there isn't a big departmental store next to your house is probably because your house is in a housing district that has been zoned 'residential'. This limits the types of buildings that can be put up and the businesses that can operate from there.

The first step potential businessmen and women should do is find out which zone their property lies in. Sometimes, this might be as easy as zoning your county name online, as many states have put this data online. Zoning designations can be residential, which means no commercial buildings are allowed and one might have to apply for a permit to run a business out of one's home; commercial, where buildings can be erected and businesses run; or aesthetic, where some businesses are allowed but these buildings have to abide by certain color schemes and building requirements. There are also other designations and it may also be possible to find property in a multiple designation spot. Where this information is not available online, you may have to visit the county recorder's office. You also have to consult sign ordinances that outline the configuration of the sign depending on the zone it is in.

This may seem overwhelming for a business person who just wants to run their business with as little headache as possible. Rather than let zoning laws about real estate land use hinder you from starting up, consider consulting an experienced attorney to ensure you are complying with all the relevant laws.

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