Man arrested for OUI offense after crashing into officer

Operating under the influence is an offense that is treated very seriously in Massachusetts. The penalties that accompany a conviction on an OUI offense can be significant. This is particularly true when there is an accident with the driver alleged to have been under the influence. With that in mind, those who have been placed under arrest with allegations of DUI, OUI or any other similar charge must make certain that they lodge a strong defense from the start.

An accident with a law enforcement officer resulted in a man being arrested for OUI. It occurred at around 8 p.m. as the officer was preparing to work at an area of the road that is under construction. While this was being done, he was hit by the alleged drunk driver. The driver, a 59-year-old man, was arrested. Upon investigation, he was found to have been arrested three previous times for OUI. The officer suffered injuries that were said to be mild and was taken to the hospital. The driver was also taken to the hospital and then arrested. In addition to OUI, the man was charged with operating his vehicle with an open container inside, not staying in marked lanes, and for speeding.

While it is generally accepted that drivers who get behind the wheel while drunk or on drugs are dangerous and should avoid that behavior, that does not automatically mean they are guilty when they are placed under arrest for an incident related to operating under the influence. It is possible that there is a reasonable explanation and they were not under the influence. It is also possible that there was a flaw in the investigation such as the officer not following established protocol and thereby rendering the evidence inadmissible. With the penalties for OUI including the possibility of license suspension, jail time and hefty fines, it is key to craft a strong defense.

Since this case involved a law enforcement officer being injured after being hit by a driver who is alleged to have been under the influence, it takes on greater importance that the driver contact an attorney. Before doing anything else, he needs to seek legal counsel and plan his defense to protect himself.

Source:, "Driver Faces 4th OUI Charge in Crash That Injured Trooper," Mike Pescaro, April 27, 2017

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