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We help those accused of DUI or OUI battle the prosecution

Most of us know the law. As law-abiding citizens, we know it isn't legal to get behind the wheel when one is intoxicated. However, accidents can happen as can extenuating circumstances. If you or a loved one has been charged with DUI or OUI, you may be wondering what the options are. DUI convictions have come with more serious consequences in recent years; however, if a person isn't guilty of this crime, they shouldn't face the consequences.

Massachusetts man facing criminal charges for alleged conduct

When people read about someone's arrest in the media, it is unfortunate that they automatically assume the person facing criminal charges must have committed the crime. When the crime is one involving assault and battery against young women, the stigma is even more pronounced and even an arrest has the potential to have long-term consequences.

What are the benefits of franchising?

Owning a business and operating it on one's own sounds very attractive to the younger generation, but given today's tough economic times, it is not possible for everyone to manage. It might even be intimidating to buy someone else's business and manage it without any expertise in the field. Then, how does one get the experience they need with a brand people trust? Through franchising.

Can I get a plea bargain to reduce DUI charges?

Though it is commonly known that a blood alcohol content level of 0.08 percent can result in a DUI/OUI conviction in Massachusetts, what is perhaps not known is that the BAC for commercial drivers is only 0.04 percent. If a driver has gotten behind the wheel under the influence of alcohol, they face the possibility that severe penalties can be levied against them, depending on whether they have faced drunk driving charges before.

Experienced counsel can help fight DUI charges

As mentioned previously, our vehicles have become necessary for our day-to-day functioning. Without it, simple tasks of picking up children from school or getting to work or buying milk on the way home become much more complicated. Not only do they become more time-consuming, they also become more money-consuming. Add to this the mandatory classes that need to be taken after a DUI conviction, and convicted drunk drivers may find themselves short on time and money.

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