Experienced counsel can help fight DUI charges

As mentioned previously, our vehicles have become necessary for our day-to-day functioning. Without it, simple tasks of picking up children from school or getting to work or buying milk on the way home become much more complicated. Not only do they become more time-consuming, they also become more money-consuming. Add to this the mandatory classes that need to be taken after a DUI conviction, and convicted drunk drivers may find themselves short on time and money.

These, however, are the short-term consequences of getting behind a wheel after having a couple of beers. The long term ones can be even more problematic. A DUI on one's record can limit someone's employment opportunities-many employers can refuse to hire someone who has been arrested or convicted of drunk driving. It can also serve as a way to escalate future charges for DUI.

Lawyers at our firm understand the law and know how to apply it in our client's case. We know that it's not always fair to brand someone for being a criminal and besmirching their reputation just because they had a couple of drinks and didn't hurt anyone. We work hard to protect our clients and attack many prongs of the prosecution's case, such as the administration of testing and the reason they were pulled over in the first place.

Before agreeing to settle, it is important to know what your rights are and know you have the right to defend yourself. A guilty plea can have far-reaching consequences that you may not be aware of. For more information on DUI, visit our page.

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