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Is not having your license causing unnecessary hardship?

You may know from your first OUI conviction that you will have to surrender your driver's license for a specified amount of time as part of the resolution of your case. Now that you have two or more OUI convictions, the length of that suspension may make your life much more difficult that it should.

What should I expect to happen on closing day?

Buying a new piece of property is an exciting time in a Massachusetts resident's life-it takes a lot of time and effort to find the right place that fulfills what one expects in their house and when the day comes to make it one's own, future owners are understandably thrilled. But it is important to go through all the legalities on closing day to make sure nothing is left out and there is no complication in the title transfer.

What is involuntary manslaughter?

Many Massachusetts' residents can probably rattle off names of people they know who have gotten behind the wheel intoxicated and gotten home without any incident or interaction with law enforcement agencies. Unfortunately, not many realize that it takes one second for everything to go wrong. One incoherent moment and an accident with someone else ups the charges from a DUI to involuntary manslaughter charges.

What is domestic assault?

As mentioned previously on this blog, assault takes place when someone intends to cause fear in another. That fear could be of immediate bodily harm, death, or the attempt to inflict such harm. When the perpetrator is a family member or a close acquaintance, it could end up being categorized as domestic assault.

Our firm offers support for real estate transactions

Buying a home or securing a space for a new Worcester business can be both exciting and nerve-wracking. Whether the real estate transaction in question is for a commercial or residential tract, a rental property or a purchase, there are many issues that must be addressed before the completion of the deal. And because there are so many steps that must be undertaken in order for the process to be completed, there are numerous opportunities for problems to introduce themselves into the transaction.

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