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As mentioned on last week's post, property managers are often engaged to handle investment estate and one of their tasks including the relationship between landlord and tenant. But not everyone has the luxury of engaging a property manager and those who do not, often end up having to deal with a landlord or tenant on their own.

The law relating to the landlord-tenant relationship in Massachusetts is often more favorable for tenants, leaving landlords in tricky situations if they are dealing with a problematic tenant. Landlords have to somehow balance their own interests with those of other renters and their own buildings. This is never an easy balance to achieve, especially when a tenant is engaged in suspicious activities but is refusing to move out of the residence.

Lawyers at our firm are well versed in real estate law and offer our services to clients at all stages of the leasing process. This means we try to create leases that anticipate such eventualities and if a problem does arise that is not covered, we handle it with expertise and discretion. We understand our clients, the landlords, have the right to protect their property and we help them do so within the law.

An unprepared landlord can find him or herself facing many legal difficulties in the long run, which is why we advise Massachusetts residents to consult counsel before even drafting a lease agreement. For more on real estate issues including the landlord-tenant relationship, visit our landlord-tenant disputes web page.

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