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How can a lawyer help me complete a real estate transaction?

When Massachusetts residents are entering into real estate deals, a lot of money is at stake and everyone is out to protect their own interests. This is why not only it is essential to read the fine print carefully, but it is also vital to ensure the fine print covers all contingencies. Even a slight mistake, whether intentional or not, can bring a close to closing day. However, an ordinary citizen may not be aware what to look for or what to include, and this is where the seasoned and knowledgeable lawyers of Aitken, Chacharone and Power, P.C. can help.

What should I include in a real estate purchase agreement?

When one finds the house of their dreams and at a price they can afford, it can seem like all the pieces are finally coming together. However, if the purchase agreement is not drafted correctly, the pieces can all start falling apart and the property may end up going to someone else who is more prepared and has a better drafted document.

Shoplifting charges are no petty matter

From your youngest days, you may have enjoyed a good thrill. Perhaps your parents loved hearing you squeal when they tossed you into the air and caught you in their strong and secure hands. As you grew, you certainly enjoyed roller coasters and maybe even a dirt bike. It's possible that your taste for a thrill grew in other ways, too.

Can a criminal conviction be sealed in Massachusetts?

Many people hesitate to hire someone who has a criminal record, even if their record is for an activity completely unrelated to the job they are applying for. Additionally, many employers do not consider the time period that has passed between the conviction and the application for employment. Many people make mistakes in their youth and end up paying for them for the rest of their lives.

How can Massachusetts police test if a person is drunk driving?

We all dread it -- driving home after having a couple of alcoholic drinks at a party because a designated driver ran off, and the rearview mirror shows blue and red flashing lights behind us. Even a Massachusetts driver cannot be sure what their blood alcohol concentration is, so how will a police officer figure it out? By using one of the field sobriety tests at their disposal.

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