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How a DUI can affect your employment chances

When you make plans for a night at your favorite tavern, you are not alone if you never give a second thought about your ride home. Many who drive home after drinking feel certain they have the situation under control. In fact, they may have countless experiences of arriving home safely to prove their point. You may also be among those who believe it wouldn't be that serious if police pulled you over for drunk driving.

Shoplifting charges are no petty matter

From your youngest days, you may have enjoyed a good thrill. Perhaps your parents loved hearing you squeal when they tossed you into the air and caught you in their strong and secure hands. As you grew, you certainly enjoyed roller coasters and maybe even a dirt bike. It's possible that your taste for a thrill grew in other ways, too.

How can you avoid problems as a landlord?

As a Massachusetts landlord, you know there are a myriad of challenges that you may face. Owning rental property is often a lucrative endeavor, but when problems arise, it can be quite costly. In order to protect your financial and legal interests, you would be wise to intentionally work toward avoiding certain problems.

What zoning issues should you consider when buying property?

Zoning laws and restrictions in Massachusetts mean that there are only certain ways that a property owner can use a building or land. These restrictions are what keep a gas station from going up in the middle of a neighborhood and other similar complicated scenarios. Before you complete the purchase on a particular piece of property, you would be wise to know what zoning restrictions could impact how you can use your asset.

Is not having your license causing unnecessary hardship?

You may know from your first OUI conviction that you will have to surrender your driver's license for a specified amount of time as part of the resolution of your case. Now that you have two or more OUI convictions, the length of that suspension may make your life much more difficult that it should.

Real estate closings: Your choice of lawyer matters

Purchasing or selling a home is a particularly complex legal transaction, one that involves much more than just negotiating and agreeing to a sale price. In addition to the multiple legal and financial challenges that can arise throughout the sales process, Massachusetts property buyers must also be careful to avoid problems with the final step, the closing.

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