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Are there are defenses for assault/battery charges?

Fighting criminal charges in a criminal trial can seem daunting. But with the right criminal defense, one can ensure they can avoid the long-term consequences of a criminal conviction. Every crime has certain possible defenses that can be availed, depending on the individual facts of the case, and experienced attorneys often select the ones that best suit the situation.

Lessen anxiety in criminal trial with experienced counsel's help

When someone is arrested or suspected of committing a crime, the trajectory they have set for their life often ends up going awry. Where there future may have been certain, now they are mired with uncertainty and anxiety-thoughts such as, what do the charges mean, what evidence has been collected against me and how can I get the best chance to protect my rights, often plague an accused.

Two arrested in Massachusetts for drug and firearm crimes

Being accused of a crime is a difficult situation to be in. Whether the crime is minor or serious, a defendant is likely feeling overwhelmed. Additionally, the accused might feel powerless, as the evidence seems to be piling up against them. Nonetheless, a defendant has the ability to defend him or herself, as the evidence used against them might not hold up in court.

Economically depressed areas see higher incarceration rates

The topic of bail was touched on recently in this blog, discussing the concept of 'release on one's own recognizance'. While this means no bail is posted, most people in Massachusetts are held pretrial if they are unable to post the bail that has been set. The move is designed to ensure that the accused shows up for their court proceedings. What is typically supposed to happen after the judge sets bail is that the accused or a family member shows up and pays in cash and the money is returned after the case is closed.

Can a criminal conviction be sealed in Massachusetts?

Many people hesitate to hire someone who has a criminal record, even if their record is for an activity completely unrelated to the job they are applying for. Additionally, many employers do not consider the time period that has passed between the conviction and the application for employment. Many people make mistakes in their youth and end up paying for them for the rest of their lives.

Is a criminal trial the only way to fight one's charges?

Though proving one's innocence or fighting one's case in a court of law sounds appealing on paper, the reality is that there are a number of factors outside of the control of the accused that affect the outcome of the criminal trial. The charges the prosecutor presses are one of those factors. If convicted, the judge would have to sentence the defendant according to the charges. Prosecutors press criminal charges based on a number of reasons, including the evidence against the accused and their criminal history.

What does released on own recognizance mean in a criminal trial?

When someone suspected of committing a crime in Massachusetts is arrested, they often have to go through the booking process as well. After this, the court can require bail money be paid before the defendant is released from prison, or the person can be released on their own recognizance. This means no bail is paid to the court and no bond is posted -- the person will return to court for their hearing, as they promise to do so in writing.

What are the consequences of a conviction?

Much has been said on this blog about the long-term consequences of a criminal conviction. Though one's mind jumps to incarceration as the result of a conviction, that is only one of the results and even that eventually comes to an end, depending on the type of crime one has been convicted of. But, once a Massachusetts resident becomes entangled with the criminal justice system, they find themselves getting pulled into it again and again. However, there are other, equally distressing consequences of this entanglement.

What is domestic assault?

As mentioned previously on this blog, assault takes place when someone intends to cause fear in another. That fear could be of immediate bodily harm, death, or the attempt to inflict such harm. When the perpetrator is a family member or a close acquaintance, it could end up being categorized as domestic assault.

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